Good practice, Gym

Gym Tips For Losing Weight

A gym is a versatile place, you can use it to build muscle, gain strength or to lose weight, but you have to do the right kind of workout to achieve all of these. In this blog, we’re going to look at how to train to lose weight.

Get the right balance

Aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight. This is generally anything that leaves you out of breath (cycling, rowing machine, running) as opposed to anaerobic exercise (weightlifting etc). Most people can sustain aerobic exercise long enough to burn calories and in turn fat. A good ratio to start with is a 60/40 split in favour of aerobic exercise.


Actually work out

A lot of people go to the gym and spend their time looking at their phone or chatting. It’s the intensity of your work out that raises your pulse and metabolic rate, so if you don’t feel as though you are pushing it, chances are you won’t be working hard enough to burn calories (and fat) effectively.


Vary your intensity

During your workout, you should fluctuate between steady-state cardio and unsustainably intense cardio. This allows you to burn more calories per minute and increases your metabolism after you’ve left the gym.


Exhaust whatever muscles you’re working

Your muscles can only work so hard and when you start getting a burning feeling in a muscle group you’ve reached your anaerobic threshold. This means that your muscles have reached their limit, and when you’ve done this you’ll burn more calories.


Don’t waste time between exercises

If you take breaks and allow your heart rate to drop you’re wasting your time because your heart rate to return to normal. Keeping your heart rate up means your body is working harder and you’ll burn more calories.


Don’t exercise for too long

Training for longer is not better. An hour and a quarter is as long as anyone needs to exercise. If you keep up the intensity during this time you will get the best results. If you do more you could end up with stress fractures and exhaustion, which will mean you won’t be able to work out, so it’s a false economy.


Keep hydrated

Sipping water while you’re working out will let you keep up the intensity of your workout allowing you to maximise calories burned. Water also helps the lymphatic system flush fat from your system during certain movements such and jumping on a trampoline.