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Choosing The Right Clothes For Your Workout

When you’re working out, you need clothing that is as dynamic as you are. Choosing the right clothing for the workout you’re doing can make you more comfortable, and help you by being designed specifically for your activity. You might think all gym clothes are the same, but in this blog, we’ll look at how to choose the right clothing.

Choosing the right clothing for your activity

Depending on the type of workout you’re doing different clothing can make a difference. If you’re doing yoga or other low-intensity workouts the demands on your clothing will be different from a high-intensity workout like running or cycling. Yoga pants and running pants may look the same but they will have differences in the type of fabric used and how they fit for example.


Choose what you’re comfortable in

If you have restrictive sleeves, seams that dig into you or a shirt that rides up or falls off you revealing too much, these minor issues will become major ones when you start working out. You’ll feel every little movement and it will become a nightmare. Your workout clothes should almost be like a second skin so that you don’t notice they’re there. Always try on workout clothes to make sure there are no niggles with how comfortable they are.



When you’re choosing workout clothes you’ll soon notice there are all kinds of weird and wonderful options, from old-fashioned cotton to super high-tech wicking fabrics. Wicking means it will encourage sweat away from your body. Many sportswear manufacturers have invested in this fabric technology to replace cotton because cotton can become wet and heavy with sweat. Adidas’ wicking fabric is called Climalite and Nike’s fabric is called Dri-Fit. I recommend investing in this type of clothing because it keeps you nice and dry in when it’s hot and warm and dry in the winter.



If you’re going to be outside when you’re working out, make sure you can layer and have outerwear that is removable if you get too hot. I work on the basis that the layers closest to your body should be tight fitting and sweat-wicking and you can layer on top of that for warmth.



Certain items of workout clothing are designed with Lycra to give you support as you’re working out. This compression clothing is supposed to help improve performance and increase recovery times. Also, if you’re female invest in a good quality sports bra. This is essential for high impact workouts and will give you exactly the type of support you need to stop your ligaments being damaged.



Most people buy running shoes for the gym, and they can be fine, but they are not ideal for weightlifting or cycling. If you can, buy specific shoes for the type of exercise you’re doing. I understand most people can’t afford new shoes for each activity, so look at cross-training shoes. They will be suitable for most purposes.