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Bad Gym Habits You Have To Stop

Everyone loves going to the gym, it’s a place where you can get away from things and relax, but you might be one of those gym people who everyone else hates. Take a look at our list of pet hates people have and make sure you’re not ruining someone else’s gym experience.

Not wiping down your machine

People sweat when they work out. When you’ve finished with a machine wipe it down. No one wants to sit in pools of your sweat. Gross!


Giving advice to people

No-one wants to hear what you think about their workout. If people want advice they’d ask someone. Giving your opinion is only going to make people think you’re a weirdo. Don’t. Ever.


Talking on the phone

People don’t want to hear your conversations when they’re working out. If you have to take a call, leave the floor and go somewhere out of the way. No-one wants to hear the ins and outs of what you’ve been doing that day. They are just going to hate you.



We might be there with our headphones on working out, but this does not mean you are invisible. Stop staring at other people. They will think you are a creep because when you stare you are.



Oh. My. God. The gym is a place to work out, not for you to pout for Instagram. If you have to take a selfie do it outside or anywhere else. The gym is not the place.


Not putting equipment back

You’ve lifted weights and done x number of reps. It’s not going to kill you to put them back on their rack. Other people use the gym too, show them a little respect.


Being naked for longer than necessary in the changing room

Please, please, please do us all a favour and keep your naked body naked for as little time as possible. Everyone who is there is being made really uncomfortable by you. Put it away. I don’t care how good your body looks, no-one wants to see you naked.


Using a machine right next to someone

Unless there are no other machines don’t use the machine directly next to someone. You are effectively pissing all over their personal space. Just don’t.


Making weird noises

Unless you’re filming a hidden camera show and trying to get a reaction, don’t make unnecessary noises. Everyone can hear you and thinks you’re a weirdo.


Don’t look at yourself in the mirror

Yes, you’ve spent time getting into shape, but stop admiring yourself in the mirror. You look like a dick.